The Podcast Club

As small business owners, we don't often talk about how lonely the entrepreneur life can be. The conversations around the water cooler no longer exist and sales meetings are now impromptu "you've got this" muttered under your breath. 

I LOVE that Here On Lake Huron went from a side hustle to my full-time gig. I am forever grateful for the support and love I am constantly shown for this brand. But without a team, or colleagues around me, this journey can be isolating. 

I launched The Podcast Club to try and combat the feeling of loneliness. In essence, it’s my way of filling the void of the “perks” of working in corporate – collaborative brainstorming sessions, the ever-so-popular after-work drink, etc. 

In the first episode of The Podcast Club, I share the behind-the-scenes of Here On Lake Huron, and why starting a podcast is so important to me.
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The Podcast Club: like a book club, but for podcasts!