Where is Grand Bend Ontario?

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Where is Grand Bend Ontario?

If you’ve always wondered where is Grand Bend, Ontario then this is the article for you!

The town of Grand Bend is located on the shores of Lake Huron, in Ontario Canada. Grand Bend has a population of approximately 3,000 people. Grand Bend is in Lambton County and is 50 kilometres south of Goderich, Ontario.

The coordinates for Grand Bend are 43.3130° N, 81.7562° W.

Map of Grand Bend

How Far is Grand Bend from Toronto?

Grand Bend to Toronto is 220 kilometers.

How Far is Grand Bend?

It is up to a day’s drive from the following cities:

  • Bayfield to Grand Bend 30 km
  • Barrie to Grand Bend 240 km
  • Brampton to Grand Bend 190 km
  • Brights Grove to Grand Bend 55 km
  • Buffalo to Grand Bend 290 km
  • Burlington to Grand Bend 195 km
  • Cambridge to Grand Bend 130 km
  • Camlachie to Grand Bend 50 km
  • Chatham–Kent to Grand Bend 120 km
  • Clinton to Grand Bend 45 km
  • Collingwood to Grand Bend 220 km
  • Detroit to Grand Bend 180 km
  • Goderich to Grand Bend 50km
  • Guelph to Grand Bend 145 km
  • Hamilton to Grand Bend 185 km
  • Inverhuron to Grand Bend 115km
  • Ipperwash Beach to Grand Bend 25 km
  • Kincardine to Grand Bend 100 km
  • Kingston to Grand Bend 465 km
  • Kitchener to Grand Bend 120 km
  • London to Grand Bend 70 km
  • Milton to Grand Bend 170 km
  • Mississauga to Grand Bend 195 km
  • Niagara Falls to Grand Bend 260 km
  • Oakville to Grand Bend 190 km
  • Orangeville to Grand Bend 170 km
  • Ottawa to Grand Bend 655 km
  • Owen Sound to Grand Bend 185 km
  • Point Clark to Grand Bend 90 km
  • Port Albert to Grand Bend 65 km
  • Port Elgin to Grand Bend 135 km
  • Port Franks to Grand Bend 20 km
  • Port Huron to Grand Bend 80 km
  • St. Catharines to Grand Bend 240 km
  • Sarnia to Grand Bend 75km
  • Sauble Beach to Grand Bend 160 km
  • Seaforth to Grand Bend 45 km
  • Southampton to Grand Bend 145 km
  • Stratford to Grand Bend 70 km
  • Tobermory to Grand Bend 250 km
  • Toronto to Grand Bend 220 km
  • Wallaceburg to Grand Bend 115 km
  • Wasaga Beach to Grand Bend 235 km
  • Waterloo to Grand Bend 115 km
  • Windsor to Grand Bend 215 km
  • Wiarton to Grand Bend 190 km
  • Wingham to Grand Bend 85 km

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